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Hello! Welcome back to Blogstat today! We will talk about some problems many people face when they start trying to generate money online. It doesn’t matter if you are a freelancer, a blogger, a content creator or something else. Let’s look at some of the top obstacles people face online.

Working online is not easy

Today everyone is trying to start working online but it’s really difficult because many of the people that come to the internet thinks that making money online is really easy but the reality of this is that is really difficult, if you come in thinking that it will be $100 the next day you start you’re going to face a really hard time.

What you need to think about before starting

There are some things you need to have in mind before you start working online. They are really easy…

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Poor little doggie!

Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

I’ve had bad haircuts. One was so bad, I looked like I had ears like a dog! This photo was taken on an especially wild hair day.

bad hair day susielindau

I’ll admit our Bichon, Roxy, had become a shaggy dog. I had the perfect plan. After returning from a vacation at Lake Tahoe, I’d pick her up from the kennel and drive her to the groomer. Little did I know she would come home looking like a rat.

go for a walk

My first clue that something might go awry was when a groomer I’d never seen before dropped to her knees and scanned her entire coat as if searching for fleas.

She told me Roxy would be done at 2:00. I drove home and dug into work after being on vacation for a week. The writing vortex sucked me right in. When I looked at the clock and it read 3:00, I figured the pet grooming…

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